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~ CHESTNUT with Clement Faugier
Clément Faugier ’s chestnut products offer a wide range of culanary options and opportunities for: Cooking and Pastry Chefs as well as Individuals.
CHESTNUTS add a slightly nutty anf subtly sweet flavor to holiday favorites!
~~ Turkey Stuffing, Meat Chestnut Glaze, Sauces, Side Dishes and Desserts.

~ BLINIS with Les Delices du Chef
Blinis are ideal fit for servings of caviar, smoked salmon, crab, cheese or many other toppings/spreads.

~ PEARL SUGAR with Beghin Say
High quality sugar. Perfect to decorate cakes, Panettone, brioches, traditional Belgian waffles...


#61621: 12/ 1oz tin

- an average of 80,000 flowers are needed to make 1 pound of saffron 
- flowers are picked up by hand at dawn in November 
- yellow-red threads (3 only per flower) are taken apart, toasted and dried over fire to accentuate natural aromas
- saffron is then inspected, analyzed and graded
**  Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract  1-fold - Kosher  **
Made with vanilla beans from Madagascar, this pure extract gives
an intense and authentic flavor to dessert or savory recipes. It is one of the
most popular and easy way to use vanilla

12/ 1 quart

12/ 1 quart